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is a part of preventing tb. it's on the rice in san francisco for the second year in a row. >> i had night sweats and fevers and stuff but i didn't think it was tuberculocis. it came out of left field. i had no clue i was exposed. >> reporter: state public officials shared alarming statistics. >> every other day we have a death with tuberculocis. every week a baby under the age of five is diagnosed with tb. many of these children have tragic outcomes. >> reporter: california reports the highest occurences in the u.s.. next 2 are texas and new york. the medical director says the county services are overwhelmed. they only have one appointment available for every 10 calls they get for help. >> when you have to wait on hold for 90 minutes and you have to do it for the next day and next day, you may not be seen and diagnosed and mean time you're transmitting tb. >> reporter: they're hoping the federal government will provide for money to combat the disease. >>> new research may make some doctors reconsider
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1